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Deposits & Payments

• All payments must be submitted through PayPal, CashApp, or via this website.

• FULL payments must be provided in order to begin the project; if requested, 50% down-payments may be considered.

• All payments, including deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. In the event that Branded by Blair decides to cancel a project due to personal circumstances, that is the only time a refund will be given.

• Remaining balances are due before final files can be sent; if a client fails to submit their balance, they will not receive their project until it has been received.

Turnaround Times

• A project's turnaround time begins based on the date provided via client portal, not the exact day booked.

• Turnaround times are not inclusive of weekends - only weekdays; holidays are not included, either.

• Turnaround times are subject to extensions if clients have not submitted all necessary information to begin/continue/finish projects.

• Rush fees can be applied on services for an additional $20; Website Design services are not allowed to have rush fees applied.

Refunds & Cancellations

• Under no circumstance are refunds given. All projects are non-refundable.

• If you would like to cancel a project for any reason, please contact Branded by Blair as soon as you can. It should also be noted that you will not be given a refund if you decide to terminate your project; if you would like to re-book, full payment must be submitted again.

• In the event that a client is difficult to work with, Branded by Blair may decide to end any current projects with that client & issue a refund.

• If documents (i.e. contract, questionnaires, etc) have been sent over to begin a project, but the client has not responded in 7 days, the project will be cancelled & refunded due to lack of communication.


• All communication must be done within a timely manner by both client & designer.

• If a client has not communicated/submitted all information within 14 days of forms being sent, their project will be subject to an inconvenience fee of $50. This must be paid in order to continue the project.

• If a client has not communicated with Branded by Blair for 30 days, the project will be terminated & the client will no longer be allowed to book.

• All information must be submitted within 1 week of booking; if this is not done, a late fee of $10 will be charged to the client's balance.

Files & Revisions

• All clients will receive the following file formats depending on their requested services:

.jpg, .png, .pdf

• .AI & .PSD files will not be provided to clients unless request.

• All drafts will be watermarked by Branded by Blair before client's approval on final design.

• Branded by Blair reserves the right to post any content made unless the client has requested a Copyright Transfer Agreement, in which the contract will be sent to the client to sign.

• Clients are given 3 free revisions - color changes, font changes etc. After these have been exceeded, a $10 fee per revision will be charged.

• Redesign & revision are different - a revision is a minor change (like a color/font/wording), whereas a redesign is a major change (concept, layout, etc). Redesigns are an additional $40 & will be applied per design.

*For logo designs, if a client wants more logo concepts, it will be a redesign fee imposed.*

• Once a client has approved of a design & final files are sent, no additional revisions can be made. If a client needs a revision, a redesign fee will be applied.

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